Fiò couture

Fiò Couture is a brand that springs from the passion for high class clothes of Fiorella Dell’Acqua, a young and promising designer, who has made a big impression in the field of bridal fashion.

Fio grew up on the family’ s farm –Creazioni Colomba –which has been producing tasteful high quality clothes for the last 30 years. And so, Fio spose line has already joined in the fashion industry, and has made a name for itself, as an indipendent trade-mark.

So an exclusive line was born, that stands out for its form’ s purity and clothes’ geometry, coinciding perfectly with new trends.

For the clothes that are made only the most valuable materials are used: such as combination of silk and lace and tracery – work.

The stylist personally makes each piece, thinking about it for a long time and carrying it out with care and attention.